Every Girl Designs

Less is More

One of the most important design principles that can be easy to forget is ‘Less is More’. This was a hard lesson for me to learn. When I started out designing, I’d get carried away with trying to fill every space with something, an accessory, an occasional chair, a plant. But what I learned pretty quickly, through photographing my spaces when I thought I was finished, was the rooms looked crowded. They actually lost the aesthetic I was trying to create. There were just too many elements competing for attention. There should only ever be ONE focal point in a room. Choose it before starting, and stick with it. Make it stand out. Don’t lessen its impact with design distractions.

Here’s the simplest way to achieve the right balance of furniture, accessories, and art work:
Put everything you think you would like into the space. Take a good, long look at it from every angle. Take a few pics on your phone, and look at those, too. Then start pulling pieces out. Within a very short time, even minutes, you’ll see a big difference. Doing this will even inspire more ideas about the space including use of space, color changes, etc. Remember, Every Girl Designs.