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I used to get cold sweats just thinking about hanging a piece of art in my house. All the pressure of getting it straight and at the proper height in exactly the right spot was overwhelming! And then there was the inevitable argument that would ensue with whoever had the unlucky job of helping me with the task, AKA my husband. One inch to the left. Can you just lift that corner a bit? I told you to hang it centered, and it's definitely not in the center of the wall! After literally years of battling, I decided to do a little research. Turns out hanging art isn't really all that hard if you have the right tools and follow a few simple rules, so I've decided to do a short series on this subject. There's just too much good info. to fit into a single post. Let's get started!

First things first. You have to have the right tools. The list is short. Number one, and maybe the most important, a level. I prefer the laser type, but old school bubble kind is just fine. Next, a tape measure. I use one that's very lightweight. And now my absolute favorite invention in perhaps the last decade, Hercules Hooks! If you haven't tried these babies, you are missing out!! They're inexpensive, simple to use, and the best part is they leave a teeny, tiny hole in your wall! No more worrying about doing $500 of damage to your drywall. I love these so much that I'm putting the link here. I guarantee you're going to thank me later. And last but not least, get a pencil or piece of chalk that washes off or erases easily. I know this is sounding challenging already, but it's not! You just gotta start with the right stuff.

The last thing we're going to talk about today is HEIGHT. One of the most common mistakes people make when installing a piece or grouping of art is hanging it too high, which makes it sort of a satellite to the room as a whole. This fix is simple and easy to remember. The center of the piece should be 57-63 inches from the floor. If it's a grouping of pieces, make sure that the focal piece follows this rule. This height range is where your eye naturally wants to land. This may seem a bit low at first, but the great thing about this rule is that the art ends up being a little closer to your furniture and other elements of the room. It creates harmony between all the pieces. In essence, they "talk" to each other. They lend themselves to each other and create some really great synergy. Simple steps:

1. Measure and mark your desired height on the wall. We'll use 60".
2. Find center of your art. For example, if a picture is 30" tall, middle is at 15"
3. Pull the hanging wire tight towards the top of the picture, and measure the distance between the very top edge of the picture and the hanging wire. It will be a small amount. Let's call it 2"
4. Now subtract that small difference from the half measurement of the picture, e.g. 15" - 2" = 13"
5. Now lightly mark the wall 13" above your initial mark of 60", e.g. 73". This is where the hook will go.

This may seem complex, but that's only because you're reading it. Doing it is truly easy. Remember, this is how we're finding where to put the hook/s. The center of your art will be at the 60" height.

That's it for now. Next, we'll tackle placement. Until then, remember...Every Girl Designs.